Jake McMurchie: web designer and developer, jazz saxophone player and composer, Bristol, UK

Web developer, designer / Musician, saxophone player, composer / Bristol, UK


“Where has he been? … a very, very good saxophonist. Very original, very passionate… a very sexy sound.”
Radio 3 Jazz Line-up

“…the inventive McMurchie, his sensual tone falling somewhere between early Sonny Rollins and Pink-Panther tenorist Plas Johnson, was a revelation.”
London Evening Standard

Michelson Morley

Featuring Mark Whitlam on drums and electronics, Will Harris on bass and with special guest Dan Messore on guitar, Michelson Morley released “Aether Drift” on the F-IRE Presents label on 28th April 2014.

The band and its album has already had excellent reviews:

“The album successfully bridges a bluesy freebop acoustic jazz sensibility and futurejazz electronica… A fine debut.” Marlbank ****
“liberating flexibilities of time and space certainly characterise McMurchie’s fine first album as a composer/leader … The compositions are imaginative and the collective creativity gives the set an unapologetically jazz-rooted feel” The Guardian
“… the confident fearlessness of the players seeming capable of taking things afresh every time.” Bristol 24/7

Get The Blessing
Previously named The Blessing, the band I share with Pete Judge, Jim Barr and Clive Deamer. “… the heavyweights of the contemporary jazz scene.” The Independent

GTB’s debut album All Is Yes won Album of the Year 2008 in the BBC Jazz Awards.

Bugs In Amber was released in May 2009, and garnered similarly great reviews. In March 2012 we released OCDC on Naim Records, followed by Lope And Antilope in January 2014. September 2015 sees the release of our 5th record Astronautilus, also on Naim Records.

Other projects

I play with Sophie Stockham’s Sefrial, and with the Greg Cordez Quintet. I also play with Mr Dowland’s Midnight with guitarist Knud Stuwe and oudist Simon Leach. I have played with Portishead, the National Youth Jazz Orchestra and with the great Portugese singer Fernando Tordo at the National Theatre in Lisbon.

Past projects include What Four, Ultrasound, The Pollinators. What Four had a long-standing involvement with Yehudi Menuhin’s outreach organisation “Live Music Now!” and did many concerts and projects throughout the UK.

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Web Design and Development

I specialise in the design and build of websites using html5/xhtml and css, server-side development using php/mysql, client-side development using jQuery, and WordPress.